Digitization and visualization of model ships

foto: Niels Clemmensen

In the Danish churches, about 1500 model ships have their homes. These ships carry a large body of information about the technical development, history, and culture of the past centuries. A new historical and educational project is seeking to explore and communicate the stories of the church ships. One of the ideas of the project is to make 3-D digitization of the ships, and then animate and render them in virtual nautical environments.

The task in this 9th semester project is to design a practical method for automated or semi-automated digitization of such a model ship from a series of more or less calibrated images taken with a colour camera from different viewpoints. One of the problems to consider is the very fine level of detail that can be found in such subjects, for example, masts, ropes, etc.. The digitization should result in a 3-D representation, including surface colour information, so that the digitized model can be rendered from any viewpoint and under any illumination.

Depending on the interests of the project group, the focus might also be on the rendering problem, especially the animation of water and its interaction with a virtual ship.

Background information: